SMS Marketing Campaign Manager

In the growing world of technology, marketing has bestowed the power of information technology by using various advanced communication methods. One of the widely used communication method is Mobile Messaging services (WAP, SMS and MMS). SMSCPR is targeted to support advertising personnel to plan out their Mobile Messaging Campaigns for information and Content delivery via OTA (over the Air Network) directly into the hands of their targeted audience. It enables the marketing team not only to deliver information and Content but also generates Analytical reports for better understanding and analysis of Campaigns executed and ROI of each campaign.

The Application was targeted to deliver the Information and multimedia content (like pictures, videos, mp3s, wav etc.). Apart from delivery, there has to be a way to conduct SMS Polls and quizzes, SMS Based Menus and premium billing of the content delivered. After all this there should be a proper way to show analytical reports based on Keywords, Short codes, campaigns and ROI per campaign etc.

There has to be a way to use multiple SMS/MMS/WAP gateways based on the mobile no.'s carrier and location.

The solution has to be cost effective and robust enough to handle numerous incoming requests from various mobile phones around the world.

We at TranceServe decided to deliver the Cost effective solution using a customized SMS/MMS/WAP gateway controlled and managed by the Centralised application where the end user can manage their SMS, MMS, WAP Campaigns and also view the Analytical reports and ROI per campaign.

TranceServe's SMS Campaign manager allowed the Users to create following types of campaigns:

  • Simple Text Reply - Delivers Simple text replies based on the request made to the System. The response can be static or dynamic also.
  • Simple Media Reply - Delivers Multimedia Content based on the request made to system. The response can be any type of media supported by MMS formats. (E.g. Ringtones, wallpapers etc.)
  • SMS Menus - SMS Based menus pointing to a specific Campaign in the System. Provides an interactive way to browse the services on the System. These menus are configured separately and explicitly by the users using Campaign Manager.
  • SMS Polls - Provides a polling system where the Campaign creator defines a question and the mobile users reply to the choice of the poll. The Answer based analytics are also available.
  • SMS Content Subscriptions - This type of campaign manages a list of subscribed mobile no.s which will be delivered with updated content after set interval. The Mobile user can subscribe and unsubscribe the service using SMS Commands.

All the above campaign types can be configured to be charged with the premium amount.

Along with these features, the System allows the administrators to manage various users and also manage different end users and their permission on the Campaign Manager

The Technology

TranceServe exploited different opensource technologies to interoperate together with each other to deliver the best Experience to the end user keeping the scalability and robustness of the application intact.

For the SMS Campaign Manager, Flex 3 Application has been used with a PHP based Web service Backend using a MySQL Database server.
The PHP Based web service backend interacts with our customized SMS/MMS/WAP Gateway which is based on the Kannel SMS/WAP Gateway and Mbuni MMS Gateway.

This Gateway Server was configured to work with various service providers using interfaces like HTTP, SMPP, TCP/IP and GPRS Modem.

The Application is hosted on a CentOS 5 Linux Server.

Using a System's Configuration of 2 GB Memory, 2.8 GHz Core 2Duo Processor. The application handled upto 1000 SMS requests per second. Beyond this, due to MySQL's Connection Limitations in Community edition, application rejects the SMSes. This Message rejection is temporary as it starts accepting the requests after Load is reduced to a lower than 1000 SMS/Sec.

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SMS Campaign Manager
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