Mobile Application Development

In the current fast pace technology world, every business bets big on Mobile, adhering to the "Mobile first" philosophy. At Tranceserve we build not just mobile apps, we build experience. A good looking, fast and easy to use app is way more appealing than feature-rich ugly looking un-responsive app. The top rated apps in the App Stores all share these traits. Our application architects maintain high quality standards by strongly adhering to mobile platform's best practices and guidelines. They incubate technical expertise to deliver the most responsive and great looking app experience in the fastest turn-around times. We at Tranceserve IT Solutions are committed to deliver apps that prioritize what's important for your Business. We innovate on your ideas to embrace use of new capabilities that you just could not do on the web.

Key Attributes of Our Mobile strategy:

1. Context:

We focus on our customer's core business value by delivering a good contextual experience that deeply cares about problem, concept, idea, and logic.

2. Device agnostic:

Every smartphone platform has various screen sizes and its hard to make it right on every single device. Our teams design app the app fundamentally right with adaptive user interfaces, in order to make it work right across multiple form factors.

3. User Experience:

Overall great look and fee*l of the app plus awesome user experience assures the success of an app.

4. Performance:

A Responsive app is loved by every user. We work hard to profile our applications to make the layouts and processing fast for smoother overall experience.

5. Leverage Cloud:

Smartphones have become incredibly powerful with their quad-core processors and gigs of RAM. But that doesn't authorize any app developer to go drain the user's battery. We optimize our apps and efficiently offload heavy weight lifting tasks by leveraging the power of cloud. Our apps integrate well with cloud based services and applications.

6. Analytics:

At the end of the day you've your app published in to the Store and your business needs to understand the user. We help your business by providing app analytics that helps you understand your users better.

Mobile app Platforms:

Our mobile team has extensive experience on platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8.x, Blackberry OS. We've an extensive portfolio in the 2 most popular smartphone platforms: Android, iOS.

Android development

Android SDK is a robust platform for building powerful and innovative apps. In addition, its user friendliness adds to the growing popularity of Android Market... Click Here

iOS development

Our iPhone SDK Programmers follows every updates and details of iPhone SDK and use technologies based on the nature and requirement of the apps.... Click Here

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